What is the "Host a Hive" program?

You host a honeybee hive on your property for a season, and let us work the bees. You don't have to know anything about beekeeping to get all the benefits of having a hive. We will provide the bees and equipment. They are yours -- we'll work them for you!

What are the benefits?

You will have the opportunity to learn and experience the miracle of what happens inside the hive -- pollen and nectar foraging, the curing of honey, the structure, order and behavior of an amazing social insect. You will receive 3 pounds of raw, local Honey Creek honey per year -- this will come from your hive if available, or from another Honey Creek Bee hive closest to your home. The educational experience alone will be more than you can anticipate. See the below video for some of what you'll get to see!

Your participation increases the pollination for your garden and community. This is very significant, and leads to increased agricultural production and yield, valued at over $12 billion per year in the US.

Raw, local honey has many benefits. Honey is considered a super food, containing over 180 substances including antioxidants. It also contains Oligosaccharides, which lower cholesterol and blood pressure, increase the good bacteria in the colon and can slow the growth of bacteria, yeast, fungi, and viruses.

Honey is a natural cough suppressant! Although children under age 1 should not be fed honey, a study has found that honey may provide parents a safe alternative to cough syrup for their children.

You will have the opportunity to experience a season of beekeeping without making beginner mistakes, like not adding a hive body at the right time and having your bees leave. In addition to the time needed to research the art of beekeeping and source the bees from a reputable provider, a couple of colonies and the equipment needed can easily cost $900.

You'll get an invitation to our Fall Honey Harvest Fest!

What do I need to know about where to put the hives?

You should check out our blog that covers that topic in 7 quick points!

What does it cost?

You can now get a 25% discount on this product! This is normally priced at $150/month for a 6 month period. It is now available for less than $115/month. That's less than the average cell phone bill for a family of 2. Has your cell phone ever given you honey? Didn't think so. For an even deeper discount, ask about our one time payment.

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